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Discover a world of possibilities with Filo's extensive features

Multi Language

Experience the beauty of bringing communities from different cultures and languages together. It's not just a feature; it's our mission!


Enhance the security and transparency of your community by allowing your users to report inappropriate behavior

Auto Moderation

Automate your community's security and decorum. Effortlessly enforce community guidelines and maintain a welcoming environment

Anti Evasion

Stay one step ahead of disruptive users. Fortify your community's defenses against rule violators seeking to bypass moderation measures

Anti Invites

Shield your community from unwanted invites. Keep your community focused and secure by preventing unauthorized invites sharing

Anti Bad Words

Maintain a clean and respectful environment in your community. Automatically filter and block inappropriate language, promoting a friendly and safety environment


Create a welcoming atmosphere in your community. Greet new members, show your community's personality, and make everyone feel right at home

Welcome Role

Automatically assign roles to new members, ensuring they feel instantly at home in your community


Create a gracious exit for departing members. Bid farewell to members leaving your community and keep the community spirit alive

Member Counter

Display real-time member counts to celebrate milestones and monitor your community's progress


Keep track of your community's activity. Log important events and actions to maintain transparency and accountability

Anti Spam

Prevent spam from disrupting your community's activities. Enjoy a cleaner, more enjoyable community experience

Anti Mass Mentions

Protect your community from excessive mentions and disruptions. Enjoy a spam-free and focused community environment

Anti Repeated Text

Say goodbye to repetitive and monotonous messages. Ensure more engaging and enjoyable conversation in your community

Anti External Links

Keep your community safe from unwanted external links. Maintain a secure and focused community environment

Anti Scam Links

Protect your community from potential scams and fraudulent links. Keep your community safe and secure

Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ section for quick solutions to common queries about Filo, Discord bot features, and much more

Filo provides a wide range of features, including automatic moderation, multilingual support, member counting, anti-spam measures, and more. These features enhance community functionality and safety

We're here to help! If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, you can join our support server or contact our team through the provided channels. We're committed to ensuring a smooth experience for our users

Absolutely! Filo allows you to customize its moderation settings to align with your community's rules and requirements. You can fine-tune the filters and settings to maintain a safe and welcoming environment

Filo's features include tools to combat spam, protect against external links, and manage community security, ensuring a positive and secure Discord experience for your community

Filo is designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate into your community. The setup process is straightforward and intuitive

What our users are saying

Discover the experiences of our satisfied users. Read their reviews and testimonials to see how Filo has transformed Discord communities worldwide

What a beautifully designed bot. I love how the developer paying attention to the smallest part of its features which is a plus point when compared to other similar bots. Intuitive command's flow leads to a great user experience. Recommended for anyone who are looking for well documented bot to automate moderation tasks of their guild

This bot is VERY helpful to my server! Giving other's a way to report and keep our server a safe place

Filo es un bot muy innovador, tiene funciones únicas, mensajes muy bien organizados y lo más importante es que el developer le está dedicando a Filo tanto cuerpo, mente y alma al proyecto, y eso es bueno ya que traerá mejoras, actualizaciónes y soporte del bot

Such a cool bot, It helps for some big or small communities when you need to moderate with 1 message and yes so op the commands!

I love your bot

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